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This is the art of styling - 2011.10.14.

1.Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What are you studying / working? What inspires you?
I was born in Taiwan, came to the States when I was in middle school and have been studying abroad until now. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University this May and am currently in the management program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. I love reading fashion blogs and reading fashion related articles during my spare time, and I make time to drop by local vintage shops and thrift stores twice a week. Instead of having a certain fashion guru as my inspiration, it is each piece of clothing in my wardrobe that truly inspires me.

2.What is your fashion for you?
To me, fashion is definitely not wearing the trendiest pieces displayed on the current runway. It is a form of art and expression. I believe that it is an art of exploring the perfect combination of clothing and accessories that best suits each fashionista's personality and identity. It should appear differently on each and every one of us.

3.How would you describe your own style?
I don't have a specific style per se, but I am absolutely obsessed with vintage pieces, especially my mommy's wardrobe. I find at least one retro garment in each of my daily outfit.

4.What kind of compilation is the perfect dress?
As I said, to me, "the perfect dress" is different for every one because there is no one piece that can best represent all fashionistas.

5.What was your opinion of the best and worst past or current fashion trends?
I love all trends, and I believe that there is no one trend that one fits certain group of people, it simply depends on how you put the trends and pieces together, or how you "work" your outfit. This is the art of styling. As for now, my favorite fall/winter trend is the snakeskin print and leather! Winter hats are musts as well!

6.A variety of clothing is included in your trendster portfolio. Have you ever wondered to fashion designer learn at school?
Not really, my true passion is styling, basically the art of how to mix and match different pieces to present "the look" rather than actually designing a piece of garment. I believe that excellent styling can be composed of both excellent and ordinary clothes, but excellent clothes do not always present excellent styling.

7.What is your favorite photos that you uploaded on trendster? What is your favorite photos that other uploaded on trendster?
My favorite photo that I uploaded on trendster is "landscape"; I love the laid-back style mixed with a hint of vintage pattern. My favorite photo that other uploaded is "l' ete est froid" by thetimeisgrey. This look is definitely a style that I would wear on a casual day.

8.Who is your favorite fashion designer? Why?
I enjoy the mix and match of various pieces from a wide range of designers. As a big fan or layering, I love the seemingly simple pieces with brilliant, surprising cuts and structures. My current favorite is Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, and Giuseppe Zanotti.

9.Which way do you like best buy? What is your favorite store?
Local vintage shops, thrift stores, H&M, Zara, Topshop, Madewell.

10.What is your dream job?
Having my own boutique shop which also provides personal styling service.

11.You have a fashion blog. Write a few things about it. What advice can you give others who are thinking to start writing own blog?
Do not try to fit yourself to "the most fashionable trends", let the trends fit you.

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